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"Waterproof live conveys a sense of wonder: the wonder of something as seemingly simple as water. The films and performances bring to life a new vision, so we can comprehend the magic and beauty of the everyday with fresh eyes. A Waterproof performance reflects and refracts surface appearances in a rippling vibration that touches the soul. Through visionary music and harmonious imagery, Waterproof explores the planes where the senses converge. As clear, fluid and brilliant as water itself. With all the power of a mighty wave as it finally breaks upon the shore." Water is ostensibly something simple. Something you live with every day. Waterproof performances let you see water with new eyes and listen to it with new ears. The enchantment comes about because the various disciplines (dance, music, film) reinforce one another: you 'hear' water in the images, you 'see' its movement in the music, the image of water flows through the dance.


Waterproof live info@waterprooflive.nl Hermine Schneider, artistic director waterprooflive@gmail.com Albrecht Thaerlaan 78 3571 EJ Utrecht 06-23536421


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